With the latest update of planet zoo in November 2019, there are many amazing things to talk about regarding the game. However, have you been a gamer who enjoys playing Planet Zoo Gratuit? Or did you join many aboard in playing the game? The game has feature in the talks of gamers because of its amazing animations. In any case, you heard even a whisper about it; there is a need to download it and get the experience yourself. 

Planet Zoo


About the game

Do you like to explore the universe? Do you know some of the wild animals? This game designed by Frontier development will enable you to build your empire where several kinds of animals will be staying. In other words, you will be the master of the jungle and determine every step to control the animals. You will be at liberty to create your favorite ecosystem by including mountains, forests, pools, and even different terrains. The most enjoyable part of this game is that the animals behave in different ways regarding their instincts.

Each animal will react in its way different ways that portray the usual behavior of the real type of animal represented. After that, animals are likely to respond to the habitats you create and explore by making their own decisions. Therefore, remember to create for every animal a habitat that perfectly suits its needs and adaptations. Watch the young cheetah cubs play around with their parents to huge elephants making their way into the watering points. Notice different reactions when most of the animals interact on the animal planet.

Types Of Habitats

Planet zoo game comes fully load with all kinds of habitats that take any animal to survive freely. Understand the specific habitat for each animal, as this will make them grow into a large number since they get all they want. Habitats vary depending on their climatic conditions and available natural resources that are beneficial to the animals staying around.

Everything You Need To Know About While Building Habitats In Planet Zoo

For instance, you should have some relevant facts in your mind while coming up with the habitats for different kinds of animals. Animal interaction varies. Some animals of different species may stay together and mutually benefit from one another while some cannot stay together at peace because they are not compatible. You are, therefore, free to bring together animals of different species that can stay together and perhaps mutually benefit from the presence of each other. However, animals that are not compatible cannot be mix because this will not work. Every living being deserves comfort and peace at some level, and all these are simulated in the game.

Here are some of the essentials you have to do n order to make your habitat run smoothly:

Water is life

Just as you and need a regular drink of water to avoid being thirsty, do the animals. Above all, remember to position water points at different locations of the habitat to enable the animals to access the water whenever they need it easily. Download Planet zoo will help you monitor your water status through indications at the bottom of your screen on your water conditions. For instance, some of the indications and their meanings regarding your water status are: the Blue color will signal you that your water condition is perfect and is suitable for use by the animals. Green color will signify that there is a slight problem with your water. Unfortunately, if you spot a red color, then your water condition is alarming! Similarly, your water is contaminated and is likely not good for the animals.

Isolate sick animals for treatment

To avoid the spread of a given disease by an infected animal, planet zoo will alert you immediately when an animal is sick so that you may isolate it and opt for treatment plans. Notify the vets about the sick animal, and they will immediately respond to the situation and find ways to help the animal heal. You may be more keen by asking the vets to research the origin of the disease and come up with the antidots to eliminate it from the habitat.

Restrictions for animal movement

As you build your habitat, have in mind that you should develop barriers for your animals. If not done, some animals will cause sleepless nights for other animals. Predators may hunt down their prays and kills them for food. Animals will require specific barriers that uniquely fit a different type of animal. Like for instance, you cannot develop a monkey a barrier similar to that of an elephant. After that, monkey will freely find its way out and cause chaos. The barriers should also be neatly positioned to fit the habitat and give it a stylish look correctly.

Do you know the enormous strength of an elephant or a buffalo? Similarly, you will be forced to find more advanced barriers for every type of animal to hold them in place safely. Remember, you will have guests visiting your planet zoo to have a glimpse of how different kinds of animals look like. In their favor, you will have to go the extra mile by designing barries made of strong transparent glasses so that they may have a clear view of the animals.

Did you just think about feeding the animals?

In one way or the other, any living creature will always survive through food. No creature can withstand staying without having something to eat for quite a period. For the animals to also be healthy and continue giving birth to young ones, you will have to offer plenty of fresh supplies of food. Not all animals eat the same type of food. Animal foods will vary depending on the nature of the animal represented in the game. There is a given quantity of food that is cooked for the animals in the habitat. Therefore, is also enriched food that some animals may ask for and always be there to provide it.

Thinking about other natural resources such as terrain and plants?

Rember always to give the best experience you can offer for your animals. In other words, terrain and plants are some of the factors that will make the animals feel that they are in the correct place. Customize each terrain and tree to match your animals’ desires to make them happier and comfortable. Also, do not fail to bring together animals of common interests an share common features so that they feel safe and satisfied by the habitat. This will have a positive impact on their health.

Experiencing Any Problem Related To Planet Zoo?

Similarly, the planet zoo game was built in a way that it will offer solutions to your problems and actions that you have no idea on how to go through them. Above all, with the Zoopedia, be rest assured that all actions you need to take will be well explained. However, always visit Zoopedia to learn on how to manage everything in the planet zoo game.

Planet Zoo

Want To Join Millions Of Gamers Playing Planet Zoo?

If, by any chance, you feel that you should give this game a try, you need to consider some aspects such as the compatibility of the game software and your device.

Here are some of the minimum needed specifications to run the planet zoo game:

CPU: INTEL i5-2500/AMD-FX-6350
VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (2GB) / AMD Radeon R9 270X (2GB)

Below is a list of fully recommended specifications to run the planet zoo game:

CPU: INTELi7-4770K/ AMD RYZEN 5 1600
VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB) or AMD Radeon RX 580 (8GB)




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